Recommendations for tripod

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A seasoned photographer had recommended this to a fellow photographer: 

“I use the MeFoto Backpacker as my portable tripod. it’s small, light, pretty durable and really cheap. It won’t open up to eye level and it can be a bit jiggly in a wind compared to my big Induro tripod, but if portability and cost are key features, this one is pretty good. A friend of mine actually took it to Antartica for a trip because it fit his size/weight needs.”

Another one commented, “Just note that MeFoto Backpacker center column does not go down and if you are doing a long exposure and there is some sort of wind then this might be an issue.”


Soft Focus (with this one lens)

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Surya says, “Focusing is a combination of lens and camera. If your lens/camera combination was working before and now its not working – you might need to get it calibrated. Or if you got a new lens/camera then it might need an adjustment. I recently got a new body and had to recalibrate few of my lenses (which worked fine with my older body). Nikon has AF Finetune to fix this issue (not sure about Canon). 

Follow these steps to test/calibrate: “

Chuq says, “It sounds like your body/lens combo is not quite hitting the focal plane — a situation known as front or back focusing. You can use a technique known as micro focusing to dial that in.

(I’ll typically adjust microfocus on every lens/camera I use, and then check it about once a year…)

This isn’t a flaw per-se, but that everything has manufacturing tolerances, and every so often you get a lens that zigs and a body that zags and both are within tolerances but the end result is a soft focus. The 6D and most modern “serious” bodies support adjusting this. 

Any recommendations for flash photography?

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I read this article a few days ago:


Shoot the sky

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Have you ever wondered how folks capture the Milky Way? You can too…
Here’s a website that covers a lot of the issues:

Jim says, “astrophotography is actualy quite a time consuming endeavor. Everyone who gets a scope thinks s/he wants to do it, but then they realize how much it costs, and how much time it takes.
Just in case anyone is interested, here’s one of the cheaper mounts:
I’ve also heard good things about this Vixen:”

Insurance for photographers..?

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One thing to check is whether it might make sense to join an organization that you can insure through. Both PPA and NANPA have these programs, for instance:

I shoot some 200 pictures (and videos) using my Panasonic GH1 and was I was able to preview those successfully in my camera; but when I shoot the next picture, all I could see just that one picture (the display in preview shows 1 of 1 instead of 201 of 201 L) – I guess the SD got corrupt… (I had put a file in the MISC folder on the SD probably that contributed to this corruption anyways…)

SanDisk RescuePro (free version) shows all the pictures but am unable to save them as the free version recovers only the first 25 pictures. Is there any other free software available (if not I am inclined to buy ResucePro)? Or is there any other recommendations to recover these pictures?

>> I’ve used Photorec successfully before. It’s free:


Panorama stitching

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Have you used Hugin? Give if a shot.
(Am not related to Hugin in any way.)